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Today I will:

~ strive to be fully present in my environment, aware of opportunities and stories yearning for a voice.

~ read, digest, and then return to the buffet of beauty which depends upon us as writers to keep it refilled. This smorgasbord (really stretching the metaphor by this point!) is a meal in our family’s home, where we are gently told “You know where the fridge is, go get your refill and could you get me one, too?”

~ revise old work with a mindset of kindness, self-forgiveness, and progress. Nothing written is worthless.

~ reach out to other writers in a supportive, encouraging and encompassing spirit. Even if it is just to share a “like” on an insightful comment or lovely photo, I find it crucial to maintain and encourage each and every creative soul…and we are all creative beings.

~ pause to taste the coffee my husband lovingly brewed even though he never drinks it. I’ll remember that context, celebrate it, offer gratitude and then reciprocate the gesture.

~ encourage you, brilliant reader, to do all this and more. We are a community, and together we accomplish greatness.



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Art Begets Art

Yesterday, an ekphrastic writing prompt resulted in something I found quite remarkable and affirming: one individual’s poem, inspired by the image below, resulted in a multilayered “response poem” from another. I was reminded of the poetic love affair between Robert Lowell and Elizabeth Bishop, where each found inspiration from the other’s writing.

I was also reminded of a writing exercise: Find a poem which clearly asserts a point of view, then write its opposite, or offer a divergent point of view. If one were to select Bishop’s “One Art,” for example, then one could begin “The art of losing is hard to master” and see how a personal argument unfolds.


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