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What power a day may hold.

That awkward moment, Kentucky

boy crossing the Manhattan street,

feigned nonchalance. Still,

“I have no clue how

to comport myself.”

That crosswalk, seared into

my worst remembrance. Holy,

holy, holy sung in my father’s

tabernacle. Traitor

to my own voice, abomination

singing a solo to fervent applause. No.

I misremember. We didn’t clap.

Dance. Drink, or…fuck


Seventeen. Reading a Star Wars novel

in the jacuzzi at a youth retreat.

Pastor sent me

across that uncomfortable crosswalk,

hand between my thighs,

“Tell me anything. Tell me, but

say nothing of tonight.”

I sang. Not for him, his wife,

or my father’s polite congregation,

but I found my song

as I pushed Pastor’s hand away, stood,

then crossed against the light.



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Alphabet Poem

Our Alphabet


Our xenophobic natures
conjure zen questions:

Agoraphobia? Fear? Superiority?
Insolence, perhaps.

Regardless, we mutually
barricade each day,

languishing toward
Gordian knots untangled.

Your voice, honoring


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Poetry Prompts

Here’s a handful of sites featuring poetry writing prompts, great for overcoming any “writer’s block.” My rant about how writer’s block doesn’t actually exist (but laziness, self-doubt and self-sabotage do!) will have to wait for another day. (one of my favorite sites to use)


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Cat Haikus

My brain is fried after completing 16 of the 20 pages required for this month’s packet to my mentor, and with 22 hours to go before the deadline it felt like a good opportunity to draw a hot bath, watch a couple of silly Youtube videos like Marshmallow People, Stanley and the Pineapple, and Pickle Surprise.

Naturally, such whimsy led to Cat Haiku based upon the five furbabies which hold Ben and me hostage share my home.


Food bowl is empty.
Pour me more now, human, or
I’ll poop in your shoe.


Mew! Mew! Mew! Mew! Mew!
Look how cute I am! RAWR, pounce!
Your flesh. Delicious.


The shadows have eyes
and teeth. Beware human feet!
I sleep on your face.




I scowl, snow gargoyle.
I’m no Mister Bigglesworth!
Spank me hard, daddy!

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