Poetry Prompts

Here’s a handful of sites featuring poetry writing prompts, great for overcoming any “writer’s block.” My rant about how writer’s block doesn’t actually exist (but laziness, self-doubt and self-sabotage do!) will have to wait for another day.




http://www.davidrm.com/thejournal/tjresources-exercises.php#poetry (one of my favorite sites to use)



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One response to “Poetry Prompts

  1. ridgethealmighty

    I’m often plagued by self thought and the terrifying prospect of running out of ideas. But I’m not the greatest judge of my own work. In fact, I should be banned from commenting on it.

    My fiancee has another way of looking at the mythos of writer’s block. “You won’t run out of ideas, you couldn’t. Your neurons fire off 200 times per second.” Or to put it better, “You wrote stories about Jesus being a private eye and another one involving a self-conscious troll. Do you really think you’ll run out of ideas?” 😀

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