Two Poems: The Natural Disorder, The Unnatural Order

The Natural Disorder

So many things I cherish
on a sunday spent in bed
until well past noon. Dishes

scatter the nightstand
from last night’s fondue.
Lines from the movie still linger

in the bedroom corners. Yesterday’s
clothes, haphazard in a trail
from couch to bed–

My parents will be finishing
their after-church dinner soon,
dropping by

before getting groceries. You boys
need anything from the store?

Same script every weekend, same

reply: We’re good,
but glad you got to see us!

How I’ll miss this ritual of ours

when chaos replaces order,
when the time comes
to buy a black suit

and make the necessary


The Unnatural Order

Three hundred years ago,
two men would have hesitated
before holding hands like this.

Then again, no one saw
Earth from this angle,
our orbital honeymoon.

We argued the entire flight.
You, frustrated by the texts
I could not leave behind.

I just wanted you
to have the perfect vacation.
We spent a bundle to get here.

As the planet spins beneath,
you point out the coastline
of Kentucky and the Atlantic,

ask why we never visit the beach.


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One response to “Two Poems: The Natural Disorder, The Unnatural Order

  1. ridgethealmighty

    I especially love the second poem.

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