Poetry Prompt: Lost in Dictation

This week’s poetry prompt on The Found Poetry Review ( http://www.foundpoetryreview.com/blog/poetry-prompt-lost-in-dictation/ ) is to read or sing a passage of text into a speech-to-text program and see what comes out. My Siri seems to have *really* good ears, because I kept getting 99% to word-perfect readings until I moved my iPad a little closer to the fan in my office to get this jumbled mess:


Robin Goodfellow, Misunderstood


Now the hungry lion roars–the Wolf, the house,

the moon–of the heady platinum

unresolved weary task put on


how to waste

bronzed hello. Wamasquid shall,

switching loud, stretch the lies and one remembers


the shower now is the time of

night, the grapes all gaping wide.

Everyone bloodsport!


Sprite church, wait hats,

Glinden, we fairies, for the triple Hank-tasting

from the presence of the sun

following darkness like a dream. Now frolic…



I’m now so disturbed, this Howard

house sent with room before

to sweep dust behind the door.


[Source: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act V. Scene II. Punctuation and line breaks added—otherwise, this is the entire gloopy mess Siri heard.]

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