Adrenaline & Testosterone Battle to the Death

Adrenaline & Testosterone Battle to the Death

Yesterday’s poetry prompt on The Found Poetry Review site ( ) involves an experiment conducted by ART/140 ( ) Basically, they asked web viewers to “share what you think about art” by selecting one of the listed works of art and tweeting their impressions/thoughts about that piece. This is where the FPR came in, with the idea of remixing those tweets into ekphrastic found language poems.


Adrenaline & Testosterone Battle to the Death

What could be perceived as chaos, rumpled and restless,
kinetic and alive, yet to unfold. The wonderfulness of a feverish pitch,

spinning wild. This is the feeling of a long day at work:
pistons, legs, elbows, arms, joints, and it is scary. Violent. Fast. Strong

movement. Demonic coiled energy, like a pulsating zodiac sign,
like a crumpled rainbow, crayons caught in a fan belt, an ecstatic pinwheel.

Danger is in bloom, and hope. The explosive liveliness of a jazz drummer
on a fast moving train, about to reach the 5/8 rhythm he has been looking for

all his life.

[Remix poem. Source: Tweets responding to Umberto Boccioni’s ‘Dynamism of a Soccer Player.’ 1913.(pictured above).]


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March 21, 2014 · 11:52 pm

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