April 18, 2014

The Prompt: Choose a sentence or short passage from your newspaper to complete a homoconsonantism. In this form, the sequence of consonants in a source text is kept, while all its vowels are replaced. For example:

ORIGINAL: To be or not to be: that is the question.

CONSONANTS ONLY: T b r n t t b t t s t h q s t n

FINAL PRODUCT: As burnt tibia: it heats the aqueous tone.


Welcome to the New Age


There, son.

That new, bare age—

heroes don’t ban any devil.

Ale got onto the altar.


Cut, now, thy athame

any lame site

free. Decide.


Ashes join

our acacia rod.



Gootee, Richard. “Entry through the exit door at Newburgh Walmart leads to scuffle, two arrests.” courierpress.com. Evansville Courier & Press. Web. 18 April 2014.

Notes: This is another prompt where a Scrabble word-finder might come in handy. Since it’s so brief, here’s the except from the article, then the consonants I used:

The reason that Newburgh resident Bennie Duvall got into the altercation with the man almost four decades his junior, accord(ing)…

t h r s n t h t n w b r g h r s d n t b n n d v l l g t n t t h l t r c t n w t h t h m n l m s t f r d c d s h s j n r c c r d


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3 responses to “Oulipost #18: HOMOCONSONANTISM

  1. I’m thinking, if we comb through each person’s, we can put together a great mashup that will work. There have been some wonderful accidental/necessary pairings/inventions.

  2. Oooo, good idea. I claim “ashes join our acacia rod’!

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