Justice League Senryus

I have a critical essay due tomorrow for my next semester in grad school, but I /lost/ the book somewhere between buying it (and getting the author/my current mentor to sign it) last fall, so I reordered it from Amazon around the 20th.

Of course, they listed it as “Shipped” on the 22nd, but they must have sent it to an alternate dimension or something, because even after paying a bit extra for expediency, it still wasn’t here yesterday…so I drove two hours to Louisville this morning, knowing that either Carmichael’s (support independent booksellers!) or the college bookstore would have it.

On the way home, my mind was wandering over potential topics for next semester’s 30-page extended critical essay, and one of the conversations I had with the aforementioned mentor, who loves Haikus/Senryus. Next thing I knew, I was counting syllables in my head and comparing comic book characters to the Greek pantheon.

Weirdness ensued.



Apollo in flight,

yellow sun-cloaked paragon,

bathe in accolades.



Hades as dark knight–

Gotham, his underworld cave.

Fear, the greatest tool.


Green Lantern

Beware his power,

patrolling space with his ring:

modern Hephaestus.


Wonder Woman

Immortal huntress,

making prey of lies Men tell.

Golden Artemis.


The Flash

Run, scarlet Hermes;

ride the lightning, messenger

of swift justice. Run.



Ruler of the seas–

all which dwells within obeys

you, blonde Poseidon.

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