April 30, 2014

The Prompt: Conclude the project by writing a poem that incorporates words and lines from all of your past 29 poems.


Harvesting the Seconds, Pen On Page


We’re trying to find touchpoints by day,

to be reminded of how beautiful—

the rustic setting, old Kentucky home.


We want to show that we are a strong community.

Time will tell, my tribe. It’s upon us.


Who am I? A person or thing

equal or similar to another,

one able to cope with another

before returning to a nearby aphrodisiac.

We descend like locusts

on our elbows, on the other:

empty, then refilled.


Complex conditions, an ugliness/fury. Nonsense.

Poems lie. The chicanery, bogus scheme. Never

let them get in the way. We cling

to superstitions. We do it all. Small, then—

You, us, I. We’re common.

We’re more. Play my part?


Many can, as flinders in a burn, an abattoir,

slowly undone. Ale got onto the altar,

familiar with the Maker’s Mark. Still,

we harvest one second after another—


–as life goes on, the biggest issue? Time.

This is not rocket science.

That definitely holds true.


Sources: My previous 29 Ouliposts! This National Poetry Month was an absolute blast. Thanks to the wonderful folks at The National Poetry review, the Evansville Courier & Press, and my fellow Ouliposters for providing laughter, inspiration, encouragement and camaraderie throughout the month. Until next year!


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One response to “Oulipost #30: PATCHWORK QUILT

  1. Wonderful, Jody. You are right: the lines go together easily once you have a direction.
    ‘Poems lie. The chicanery, bogus scheme. Never
    let them get in the way. ‘
    Love it.

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