Margo Said

Margo Said


Crow woman,

don’t try to cool the fires,

but you stood your ground,

impossible to resist. Ascend

wisdom before risks.


A girl hangs ghost-like from a washing line—

snip, remove, arrange

anarchists need not be irresolute:

People like stories but they don’t like words.


Gather the actor of your artist,

lost, terrified, and besieged by the wild forest,

before it’s too late. Wear your heart on your sleeve,

sometimes, in the mornings.


As for tricks,

I loved you                                                      once.

A duration remaining night–          roots cut loose,

Night brings his lips                                       inside–

He ignores his thin chances –


I can’t.


Sometimes the best wean                    to bring harrow to a skein                                             is to be assertive.

Unleash the power of the female brain,

considerable in extent and intensity,

the sleeping creator,

mercurial moments.


But jump:

all we can do is try to trace out patterns

and the potential for meaning.


Source: The Oulipost poems of Margo Roby during 2014’s Oulipost event. All of them.


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4 responses to “Margo Said

  1. You captured her writing, no doubt!

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