Oulipost Exit Interview

Oulipost Exit Interview: Oulipost Ends Where the Work Begins


Question 1:

What happened during Oulipost that you didn’t expect? What are the best (or worst) moments for you?


Before we began, I thought I was entirely burned-out on sonnets, and dreaded the couple of prompts which involved iambic pentameter–the sonnet and the blank verse. As it turned out, they were among my favorites, and with a little bit of erasure it really wasn’t difficult locating some interesting iambic pentameter lines in my newspaper articles. So that was unexpected. Best moments? There were plenty. I’d say connecting with fellow Ouliposters, the sense of community which quickly developed, was the best thing by far.


Question 3:

What does your street look like?


Right now, the street itself is pretty wet from recent rainstorms. I live on a generally quiet street in a subdivision…our house is probably the one in need of the most attention, but it’s getting a long-overdue paint job when I go off to my next grad school residency. Otherwise, it’s a fairly typical Indiana suburb, with trees and…oh, wait. “Show, don’t tell” works here:


The gazebo is where I do most of my writing when the weather permits, though…some guys have mancaves. I get inspired more by the sight of birds and squirrels, the smells of flowers and barbecue, and the wind moving through the trees.


Question 4:

Who is your spirit Oulipostian?


Starting out, I said Nancy, and I still cherish her brilliance and mastery of both the art and the craft of poetry, but I’m going to expand it to every single person who participated in this month’s event. When we were gearing up to begin, I said I looked forward to seeing all the different ways people would creatively interpret the prompts. I expected people to have very different voices and techniques, but my mind was absolutely blown by just how creative and inspiring these poets were over the course of the month.


Question 5:

What are the top three poems you wrote during this project?


1. “A Mage’s Game” (Beau Present) https://jodyrich.wordpress.com/2014/04/08/oulipost-8-beautiful-in-law-beau-present/
2. “Reflections of a Melancholy Crone” (Epithalamium) https://jodyrich.wordpress.com/2014/04/13/oulipost-13-epithalamium/
3. “Remembering Her in Springtime” (Irrational Sonnet) https://jodyrich.wordpress.com/2014/04/27/oulipost-27-irrational-sonnet/


Question 2:

What questions do you have for your teaspoons? What questions do your teaspoons have for you?


My teaspoons assume that I love them dearly, since they get carried up from the kitchen, used, and then are kept close at hand in a slowly-growing collection on my computer desk until my other half pokes his head in to say “I’m doing dishes and noticed that we have exactly three spoons downstairs. You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?” The only real question I have for my teaspoons is “How so zen?”


Question 6:

What will you do next?


I have about three weeks before my next residency begins, and aside from reading and commenting on my workshop group’s poems (which, as an aside, I am thrilled to be in a group with some of my favorite fellow students–I know every single person, and adore their work, so I’m genuinely looking forward to them ripping my poems apart like a pack of sadistic ferrets the relaxed discussion we’ll be having!) , I have no writing-related plans. I’d love to say I’ll be going through my bucket list of poetry books & chapbooks, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be marathon-watching shows on Netflix, playing video games, and playing around with candle making projects instead. 🙂


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