Dzanc Books Prompt

Take the closest book to you. Open it to page 56 paragraph 1, line 4 and pick three random words. Then open the book to page 107 paragraph 3 line 2 and pick three random words. Now flip to a random page and find some dialogue. Find one word used to convey what a character is saying. It CANNOT be the word “said”. Invert the number of that page (321=123), and find an adjective and a subject. Now go to the last page and pick one word from each paragraph, line 3. One of them must be a verb. Now write something with it. A six word story. A poem. Short story. A novel. You have the option of just using those words or adding others with them. BUT, you must use all of the words you found during this exercise in some capacity. It can be the plural or a different tense of the world, but it must have the original root. Share what you wrote with us on our twitter @dzancbooks

Page 56 of my source text didn’t have 4 lines in its first paragraph, so I used line 4 of the second paragraph. This is the raw poem, no words added. I tried fleshing it out into a longer lyric poem, but I just wrecked it three times in a row, which was my cue to let it be as-is for now.


Another 4 a.m. Email

Back again: you–
which means
answering fellow audiences;
dramatic, like
wanted disdain.


Source:  Stella Adler’s “The Art of Acting”





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