If I Talk in My Sleep

Well, I do have a poem in my first chapbook titled Goodbye, Monogamy, and with an eye towards my graduate thesis I’m trying to generate poems which thematically connect or bridge existing pieces, so here’s the first draft of this one:

If I Talk in My Sleep

Dear God, don’t
let me do this again, this falling
when I know, dear God, this
love I’m in, or say I’m in, cannot survive
the fall if I admit, oh dear God,
even to myself, that I need

Good God, please
give me a sign, I pray
silently as two of us touch
backs in our bed of three years,
doubting my prayer could ever be
heard or answered, another
confused voice between the sheets.

Oh God, yes,
the other’s hands again,
last night, everything
which has not grown
too familiar. Again, I plead,
and God damn the consequences
if I talk in my sleep.

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