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Ozymandias Was Right! The Lasting Hope.

Ozymandias was right.

The Lasting Hope
a recombinant homolinguistic version of Keats’ The Second Coming

Now a vision from the great beyond
Dazzles me, a mirage in the shade of the pyramids;
Riddling Sphinx overhead, staring
Blankly across the sun-bleached land,
Hips slowly grinding up a storm
While desert birds reel in greed.

Again I am in shadowscape, but now
Memory teaches that an eternity of darkness
Fears the warmth of one single votive,
And what, do you suppose,
Is upon us?

Lost in a spin,
The hawk cannot see the ground;
Shit happens;
And things do go to Hell in a handbasket,
For everyone, everywhere and
The one thing everyone agrees on:
These are the days when
Heroes are needed.

Certainly one will arise;
Certainly our needs will be met in the end days.
The end days. How impossible that seems.



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