Prompt #3. I’m caught up. This one involves staring at a word until it begins to “break down,” then writing from there. I used a random word generator and got “ethereal,” so I went with that.



The real, the most obvious, the least likely,

the unseen pressing against the seen in ways

we reject this presence, this unexplained

scent of flowers in a closed room, this real


awareness that the cats didn’t open cabinet doors

which I strain to reach. The real reluctance

to tell anyone what is happening, knowing

the likely jokes and reactions.


The cups didn’t stack themselves in a pyramid by chance.



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One response to “Ethereal

  1. Nicely done. I’m beginning to feel inept re the staring thing … I couldn’t make a word dissolve if my life depended on it. Might have something to do with a regular dissolution on my part …

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