The sixth National Poetry Month prompt from the Found Poetry Review is obviously a trolling “write whatever you want” post, but I do do Sonnets, so I chose to share a sonnet for a superhero I play on the Champions Online M.M.O.





Awakened entities desert their tombs,

Their hunger obvious: unholy groans

While shadows stretch and yawn. The evening looms,

and criminals can feel it in their bones.


Perhaps the arcane arts will serve to calm

The angry souls who riot, rage, and fight,

And offer hope to innocents—a balm,

A beacon gleaming strong throughout the night.


But magic never manifests for free,

Nor can the dabbler comprehend its tomes,

Nor shall the master fail to pay the fee

When forces from beyond invade her home.


For years, the darkness has enjoyed its reign.

For years, she watched– but now she brings the pain!





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