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April 24, 2014

The Prompt: Homosyntaxism is a method of translation that preserves only the syntactic order of the original words. To give a rudimentary example, if N=noun, V=verb and A=adjective, the outline NVA could yield solutions such as “The day turned cold,” “Violets are blue,” “An Oulipian! Be wary!”)

Option 1: Choose a sentence from your newspaper source text and write as many homosyntaxisms as possible based on that same variation.

Option 2: Complete a homosyntaxism of an entire paragraph or article found in your text.


Being Different


Outsiders will stare, guys. Outsiders unlike ourselves.

Bigots do judge, guys. We’re still things, underneath ourselves.

Time will tell, my tribe. It’s upon us.


Until then, we hear:

you people cannot expect marriage. How silly.

You will keep our neighborhood pure.

Source: Broshea, Terry. “LETTER: Vectren making enough money.” courierpress.com. Evansville Courier & Press. Web. 22 April 2014.

Source Sentence: “Shareholders should pay the bulk of this.”

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